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The key to doing a great job and getting you results is an in-depth understanding of what you need and the time frame you need it in. Understanding why you need it, what it’s meant to accomplish and the importance of it helps us prioritise and plan.


While many agencies operate a ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’ approach (a recipe for low performance and corresponding hit and miss results), with ourselves, every case and operation is discussed in detail and given personal attention.

We are then ready to analyse and recommend.

Analysis & Advice

Having experienced so many cases with common factors, our 15 years of experiences enables us to often produce results in half the time, saving you fees. Knowing which ‘buttons to press’ by experience is why.

This also helps build us a reputation for cost effectiveness..

Where a case is not common, more thought has to be applied and the most expedient course of action recommended ensuring the right path is always taken.

Not all agencies go about things the same way. And few actually publish their track records. That’s why clients benefit most by reading what they are actually getting before deciding whom to hire.

Operation Starts

Whether it’s Surveillance, Car Tracking, IT or Phone Forensics or a combination, we start watching and checking on the targets (s).

All with maximum discretion.

In the 15 years we have been doing this we have never been detected.

That is a result of professional planning, experience and the right application of our resources.

Report to the Client

The final stage where full details of everything found not only what the client asked for but also anything else we found along the way is reported in a professional manner, in detail.

And 96% of the time it’s exactly what the client needed.