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Less Is More

If you’ve checked other PI Websites, you’ll have noticed every other Agency offers a multitude of different services.

Usually exceeding 10, often 15 or more.

Jack of all trades. Master of none.

We are masters of 6, rather than Jack of all. In these areas no-one gets better results. No-one.

But that’s what you would expect anyway, isn’t it?

1) Surveillance – Tracking People’s movements and Associations

2) Car Tracking – Following any car or van’s movements on your mobile or Pc

3) IT & Phone Forensics – Analysing a phone’s and PC’s past communications

4) Background & Vetting Checks – Checking a person’s past. Conduct in all relevant matters

5) People Tracing – The address where the target person currently resides

6) Asset Tracing – Tracing a Person’s Asset deployment

And used in one or more of:

Private Relationships & Suspected Betrayals

Employee Absenteeism

Business Vetting

Business Partnerships

Insurance Fraud

Solicitors – Varied Assignments (Half our work)

And many other scenarios.


For the type of work we do and the standards we keep, many might think we are expensive.

However, relatively speaking, we are not.

This is because a well planned and executed operation that brings early results can be more cost-effective than agencies that are not as experienced.

They are one who take twice as long to produce the result you need or not at all. It’s all about the resource pool they can draw on, management of those resources and of course how specialised the agency is.

Our MD–Your Personal Case manager

Marzio D’Alesandro is a manager/investigator who has had specialised training and almost 15 years experience in the 6 main areas above. He will personally handle your case making sure no-one else sees your case file. This avoids leaks.

He has a problem-solving mentality with a can-do attitude.

For Him: “There are no problems only solutions”

And his track record of 85%-96% results proves it.

The best way to appreciate his skills and experience is to refer to the Why Us page of this website.

Please see the media links below.

He believes in personal attention to each case for discretion and case effectiveness.

He has been in the media a few times.

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Call now on 0800 0149 049 or direct chat with him.