I dealt personally with Marzio D'Alessandro who did an exceptional job for me. He was very supportive and always talked things over with me before each stage of the investigation.

The price was very reasonable and that was always discussed at each stage, I would highly recommend Marzio to anyone.

- Mrs Simpson

We employed Marzio and his team after a little research on the internet and a chat with a few private investigators. There is no GoCompare website that can guide you to the best in the business, you have to go on instinct. Luckily for us our instincts were correct as Marzio came across as professional, determined and completely trustworthy, which was exactly what he is.

In our case we needed to find people who did not want to be found and then persuade them that our cause was just. With the Private Eye team we did that and achieved all our objectives (including getting reluctant authorities to co-operate).

We discovered during the course of our relationship over a year or so that If Marzio does not know the answer, he knows someone who does, and that network of contacts is invaluable in this field. We cannot recommend him highly enough and welcome the opportunity to say so!

- Alan

I wanted to write to express not only my gratitude, but that of my family, for the incredible and astonishing job your organisation did in helping and supporting us when my nephew was abducted by his Thai mother.

On Friday 13th July my brother`s wife left with his son and her clear train of thought was that none of us would ever hear from or see him again. It transpires that she had been planning to leave for a while, and the 13th was to be the day. She threatened my brother with a knife in the morning and as a result the police were called.

To cut a long story short, once It was apparent she wasn`t coming back, there were two warrants out for her arrest (one for affray, the other for abduction) and a national port alert in case she tried to leave the country with him. Initially we thought the police were on our side and being incredibly helpful, but what a deluded viewpoint that turned out to be! They managed to trace her the following morning and after interviewing her decided she shouldn`t be arrested and even portrayed my brother as the "bad guy"! We didn`t hear from the police again, other than requesting my brother attend Leyton police station to answer some trumped up false imprisonment charge that was subsequently thrown out. As It turned out the police were appalling, absolutely terrified of maybe rocking the politically correct boat. Is it any wonder that respect for them is going through the floor?

My brother`s wife was, and still is in the clutches of women`s aid, something that you had told us long before we were officially told. Nobody would tell us anything, where they were, if they were safe, nothing, we were totally in the dark.

In an act of desperation, we turned to the internet to look for private investigators, and purely by chance picked you! Well this is the best thing we ever did. After chatting to you on the phone for a while it was obvious that you were the man that was going to help.

London is a huge city, include the suburbs and it`s even bigger. If you were to say to anyone, go and find someone in that huge metropolis, nobody would have a clue where to start. But within 36 hours of getting the go ahead, you had two operatives tailing her and were sending me back photographs. Absolutely astonishing and hugely impressive! The instant piece of mind you gave to my family was priceless. Everything you said would happen did, everything you said wouldn`t, didn`t. It was obvious that in you, we were dealing with a professional who is at the very top of his game. As the days rolled by the intel we received was amazing. This girl thought she had disappeared, could call all of the shots and was away. Little did she know that thanks to you, we knew where she was the whole time and ultimately were able to serve court papers on her and the picture looks a lot brighter.

Marzio, at the very beginning of our journey, you asked me if I trusted you? You said that if I did, if I let myself be guided by you, you would get my brother access to his son, which now at worst looks like a joint custody arrangement, and possibly him getting sole custody.

It was a big question you asked of me, to trust a stranger, just a voice on the phone, is a lot to ask of anyone. However we were desperate, and I had to trust someone, so I chose to put my trust, faith and belief in you. You did not let me down, you delivered and then some, and thanks to you our lives are full of hope once more.

The daily surveillance reports were incredible, photographs just priceless. The job you did was simply magnificent.

I don`t know what you intend to do with this note, but if anyone should read this, who has had a child abducted, or suspects a partner of cheating, I cannot recommend you highly enough. Whatever the situation, I know you can find anyone and prove anything. So, if you`re suspicious, you could do a lot worse than calling Marzio D`Alessandro. I did, purely by chance and it changed my family's life.

I hope in the very near future that I get to meet you as we discussed, that I can buy you a bottle of champagne and shake you by the hand.

I don`t suppose I`ll ever be able to thank you enough, I am still amazed at the ease with which you found her. When my nephew is old enough, I`ll look forward to telling him all about you, what we went through as a family and how it was thanks to your extraordinary efforts that we found him. I`m sure he`ll also enjoy hearing about his uncle`s brief adventure in the covert world of the private investigator, using words like operative, intel, deploy, target, stand down etc etc.

Many thanks again my friend, and I hope to see you soon.

- Bradley Rogers

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