In order that we may quote you more accurately, it is better for you to call us and discuss your case, as most cases will vary in price according to your own unique situation.

Phone consultation is free.

Face to face in central London (at a hotel for our own safety) is charged at £160.00 per 2 hour consultation for our professional advice. No exceptions please.

Financial Investigations

This is a complex type of investigation and the price will vary depending on what is required. Most cases cost between £600.00 to £1200.00.

Enquiry Agent Services

Please call to discuss exact requirements, average cost per job is £200.

Background Checks & Reports

These reports are done on a case by case basis depending on how much information you require.

It is best to be specific about exactly what information you are looking for on an individual or organisation, rather than expecting an entire dossier on an individual or company. The cost of an entire dossier could run in to several thousand pounds, rather than a few hundred pounds for specific reports.

Typical cost of a background report is £600 to £1200, some higher depending on requirement.
Please note we cannot get access to criminal records.

Private & Corporate Investigation


Covert surveillance & reports
  • Includes all images & video
  • Includes detailed log/report

Tracing People

Within the UK
  • Discreet tracking
  • UK Wide

Tracing People

  • Discreet tracking
  • International

De-Bugging Sweep

Electronic Counter Measure sweep
  • Listening devices sweep
  • Tracking device detection

Close Protection

Bodyguard Services
  • Multiple bodyguards available
  • Minimum hours apply


Professional Rates
  • Competitive rates
  • Minimum hours apply

Tracker/GPS Device Rental

  • First Week (7 days)
  • Second Week (battery permitting)
  • 1 Month (battery permitting)
  • Battery recharge (retrieve, recharge, re-deploy)

The battery for the tracking devices sometimes will need charging if it has been on the vehicle for over 2 weeks, depending on how far the vehicle travels on a daily basis. We charge the above fee for this.

We will allow you to log in to the tracking device so you can view the vehicle movements at you leisure. It will record all movements automatically.

Payment Info


All payments to us are by bank transfer or a direct cash payment in to our account with Barclays bank please (if paying cash please keep your receipt as proof of payment). Please always use your first & last name as the payee reference when making a cash payment to the bank and keep your bank receipt
as proof of payment.

We will always provide a receipt and/or an invoice for payments.

There are other types of investigations we have not mentioned in this price list – if you have other requirements please call to discuss so we may quote you.

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