If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful we can help you, whether you are married or not. Our matrimonial investigators have a wealth of knowledge to help you solve the problem.

It is becoming more commonplace for people to instruct a private investigator to verify a partner is cheating. 

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive Evidence Gathering
  • Discreet Experienced Professionals

We have all kinds of specialist equipment and surveillance operatives to aid us in finding out the truth. These include surveillance, covert cameras, tracking devices and photographs.

It is wise not to say anything until you have the evidence that you need to support your accusations, we can help you gather the evidence that will give you the answers.

Signs of a Cheating Partner

  • More or Less interested in sex
  • A new interest in sexual techniques
  • Taking more care of appearance
  • New fragrances and/or underwear
  • Longer or new business trips
  • New circle of friends
  • Finishing work early
  • Not as interested in family matters
  • Unexplained or unusual credit card transactions
  • Says they want “some space”
  • Caught without wedding ring​
  • Spends longer online
  • Suspicious marks or stains on clothing
  • Unexplained increase in mileage
  • Turning up late
  • Sudden unexplained surge of energy
  • Wants to lose weight, new exercising
  • Buys you flowers/gifts for no good reason
  • Sudden increase in overtime
  • Secretive of mobile phone, computer, bag

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