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Investigation Background Research is a standard component of all types of investigations including background checks of employment and personal background checks. They help us to find solutions to questions such as who is this person and what is their history.

Employment or personal background checks look into someone’s history to establish whether they are suitable for a particular job, or a personal relationship.

We look for information to confirm if they are honest, reliable and qualified for the job, either professionally or personally.

It is extremely important to make sure someone is an asset, or a possible risk to your family or business.

In today’s climate it is becoming more common practice for companies to use background checks to protect their business. We are one of the foremost companies in London for background searches.

Why you might need a background check


  • Driving history (media archive stories only)
  • Criminal background (media archive stories only)
  • Previous employment history
  • Confirm qualifications
  • Credit history

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